Life's Temporary My dear, this is not Wonderland and you are not Alice.

drip, drip, drip.

im so ready to just kill myself right now, and i cant even call my friend to talk me out of it because shes in the hospital and i havent seen her in weeks.

i burn bridges with everyone i care about.

if i hurt you, i loved you.

Your pupils dilate when you see the person you are attracted to. Because the nervous system controls the muscles of the irises, the response of the nervous system to different stimuli results in involuntary pupil dilation. Another commonly cited reason the pupils dilate is in response to excitement or sexual arousal. When a person sees something or someone they find very attractive, their eyes may dilate. 




I used to stare at this picture all the time in my english class in junior high. It gives me the strangest feelings, even today, and I can’t explain it.

Holy shit I have this framed on my wall.

wait i just stared at this for 10 minutes

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